VTech Connect to Cell Reviews

VTech Connect to Cell Reviews

Connect to Cell VTech reviews

Whitney Burn: VTech Connect gives you opportunity to make outgoing calls from your cell phone, with your home telephone. I would never thought about this, but on practice it is useful. I’m teaching my younger sister to use it too.

Ray Barry: I can make and receive calls from my cell phone just by connecting to Bluetooth, I have there three virtual lines. Also I can pair my cordless handset to my mobile phone, which allows me to boost my productivity and overall ease of use throughout your home or office.

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VTech handset Connect to Cell reviews

Tony Craig: I was surprised to learn that it works. The text-to-speech technology seems to be on-key and work excellent for exactly what it was intended to do. Great work, VTech Connect!

Jack Born: VTech designed the TL96273 so you can download and intake up to 6,000 individual telephone book entries so that they appear on your cordless handsets. It is a very useful feature, no more entering telephone numbers into handset. This allows you to have all of your friends, family, and important contacts always readily accessible from your cordless phone, without having to reach for your cell phone and cross-dial.

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